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Ayurvedic Bodywork                                                                                       with Dr. P. Hari from Kerala India

MAY 16TH – 18TH 2014

All day  9am – 6pm each day

Enjoy a 3 Day Ayurvedic Retreat Intensive for massage therapists, deepening an exploration of preventative health, external detox spa modalities or herbal treatments, medical Ayurvedic massage and mindful preparation for oneself and the clients space for healing, all of which afforded by the ancient lineage of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic massage and Bodywork therapies helps your body detoxify gently
and develops a sense of calmness and relaxation throughout the body, both at
the physiological and psychological aspects.

* You will learn about Ayurvedic Skin and beauty treatments, stress management therapies
* Different aspects of massage and body work which encompasses the variety of different marma points, and cleansing of our subtle energy channels called the nadis.

Treatments you will learn in the class.
2 ) Shirodhara : Use of the Dhara pot
3) Shirovasthi : Big Cap around the head
4) Mukha Abhayanga. Facial Massage
5) Mukha Lepam : Facial massage with herbal mask
6) Kizhi : for the Back
7) Pichu (Head Massage with cloth tied around your head)
8) Udvarthanam : Abhayanga using dry powder and oil
9) Uthsadanam : Abhayanga using herbal paste and oil

Three days, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 6pm

CEU’s 24 $450




Anatomy Trains

with KMI International trainer Yaron Gal Carmel

Location : Universal Spa in Downers Grove Illinois

June 20st – 22nd  2014

…a revolutionary new way of looking at the body developed by author and Rolfer, Tom Myers.

In this 3-day Anatomy Trains intensive you will:

  • Explore the nature of the fascial web
  • Learn how the fascial web is organized into Anatomy Trains
  • Learn how the Anatomy Trains distribute strain and cause pain far from the problem
  • Build skills in ‘body-reading’ these global patterns posture and movement
  • Develop manual and movement strategies for resolving these patterns
  • Learn soft-tissue techniques for lengthening myofascial structures

This is Tom Myers revolutionary re-vision of musculoskeletal anatomy in terms of functionally connected lines of myofascia. The workshop gives a new perspective and a
new way to assess clients’ posture and movement. All 12 myofascial are described, built onto the skeleton, palpated, stretched, and used in postural assessment, with many illustrations and examples.
This course is designed for and welcomes all manual and movement therapists, from chiropractors and osteopaths, to PT’s and massage therapists, including yoga, dance and pilates teachers.
Anatomy Trains is required for Tom Myer’s 500-hour Structural Integration professional Certification program.

$ 450  CEU’s 18

Early Bird Special $400 for first 12 people to enroll

Register online here or register call (928) 639 3455 or (866) 334 3348

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